Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday: You can't say "Ethics" without "Thick"

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The Steelers have been subpoenaed: P-G, Rich Lord.

The City Ethics Hearing Board is not tearing it up: P-G, Moriah Balingit.

If you want further background on the length and depth of the official City ethics outfit's "abeyance", the Busman has a plethora of interesting material beginning in Feb. 2007 up through Nov. 2008.

Do you run an enterprise reliant on underpaying and undervaluing its longtime professionals, refusing them health benefits, dismissing them with no warning and without cause, and claiming that when they finally vote to unionize that you are exempt for some reason? If so, you might be a jagoff: P-G, Daniel Kovalik.

1 comment:

  1. Or "Hicks".

    And if it's black and gold, it leads--traffic that didn't happen, Jolly Roger sales, cancelled checks for tickets ... sometimes I wonder where the 'Burgh left its brain.