Monday, February 3, 2014

Support These Workers! Detention Facility Nursing Sounds Hard!

Nursing is always a challenging profession, and I can only imagine in this case...

“I was very transparent for change. That came to the fore for them because they didn't know for certain that I was the chief organizer,” said Finch, who said she is a sick-call assessment nurse in the jail and a Catholic nun. (Trib, John D. Oravecz)

Allegheny County Jail itself shows cautionary flags.

There is a presumption among many in our region that organized workforce bargaining is a good idea.

Within those labor circles, our own United Steelworkers are always alright. A broad union; their diversity is their strength.

Let us wish these care workers within our jail a positive, empowered future starting on Feb. 14th. Send them a Valentine, why not?

Roses are red, and tulips are ivory. 
Nurses care knowingly, they should help run the infirmary! 

PG-13 alternate: "Nurses know where to stick it…"

MORE:  From the American Nurses Association

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  1. No comments? I was expecting someone to argue that the union will make our ACJ more expensive, or worsen care. What ever happened to Conservative Mountaineer?