Friday, April 6, 2007

T.G.I.F. Spectacular: Three Pairs

The P-G's Rich Lord reports on a perplexing meeting between Hill District leaders, and Ravenstahl, Onorato, Ferlo, Wheatley, and Payne. Marimba Milliones and the Rev. Johnnie Monroe are demanding a lot, but there are considerable questions as to whether they represent a community consensus.

P-G columnist Tony Norman blames our population decline on a "lack of dynamism and elasticity of spirit." And also machine politics.

The TRIB's Andrew Conte has Mark Hart of the Steelers saying they had a "cooperative but very frank and forceful discussion" with Majestic Star representatives about traffic. The discussion included the metaphor of a cannonball fired down North Shore Drive, and not hurting anybody.

The TRIB editirial board is handing out its Laurels and Lances ... and they're all out of Laurels!!

UPDATE: We are fairly certain those wily purveyors of supply-side economics reconnoitered their Lance / Laurel designations since this post went online. (You know your names.)

The Courier's Deborah M. Todd reports on endorsed Democratic candidate Ricky Burgess promising "credible, competent, community-focused leadership" for District 9.

Debbie of the Courier also provides a heads-up on the need to find a new favorite Japanese restaurant.

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