Monday, June 4, 2007

Other Mind-Blowing Material

Good old Skip opines that the Mayor will use the issue of an EMS / Fire merger as an chance to "give a prelude to his refusal to restructure city government and spend some of his unearned political capital."

He has a good recommendation for the state oversight boards, also.

Sue tips us to a show-down brewing over the Governor's nomination of a gay man to chair the Pennsylvania Human Rights Commission. Re-nomination, actually.

The American Family Association of America is committing some deep irony here.

Jon Delano has reopened his Den, this time on the Blogger. It is a much-abbreviated version of his e-mail bulletin called Politically Savvy Friends.

We have read through a bit of the latest full PSF. It is of high quality, both lyrically and informatively. It is sort of like Early Returns, only built with finer quality wood. We will keep you posted.

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