Saturday, July 21, 2007

Unusually Good Saturday

This sounds like a wonderful meeting on Monday. (P-G, Team Effort). The City Paper ran a cover story on this effort some time ago.

East Liberty residents score a NIMBY. (Kacie Axsom, Trib)

We continue to stand around and watch ourselves pour concrete down a bottomless hole. (Jim Ritchie, Trib)

Dan Onorato is set to participate in an urban summit in Milan, Italy. The Brookings Institution and The Rockefeller Foundation are not known to be engaging in pressing Allegheny County business. (Justin Vellucci, Trib)

Which reminds us, Rich Lord tells us what's going on. (Rich Lord, P-G)


Students formerly of the now-disbanded Duquesne School District have finally been sorted out into different neighboring districts, though few seem happy with the process, or the results. (Tim Puko, Trib)

Why is the Duquesne School District on the radar all of a sudden? Because Mike Madison said the magic words over at Pittsblog.

Here is the mind-altering portion:

Second World Pittsburgh and Third World Pittsburgh, the closing of Duquesne High School and the condition of the African-American community, are symptoms of a single problem. Describing it fully would take volumes ...

... First World Pittsburgh largely takes care of First World Pittsburgh.

We suspect that Mike's problem will not take "volumes" to describe at all -- but it will require a careful and very collaborative editing process, and then chutzpah.


Anyway, and in this new light, let us also consider the efforts of the One Hill Coalition. (Ann Belser, P-G)

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