Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday: Meanwhile, Down Grant Street...

(P-G, Rich Lord)

"If everything is good, and there is no wrongdoing, then so be it," Mr. Ford said. "But if there has been wrongdoing, then we have to address it."

Wrongdoing is such a strong word -- and a high threshold. How about plain old inefficiencies?


(P-G, Rich Lord)

Mr. Ravenstahl sent his check to the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency with a note from Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Michael Huss saying it should cover "any costs associated with the improper use" of the vehicle.

It's at the point where we don't want to do math. Seriously, this is fine.


(P-G, Joe Smydo)

"Our work is far from finished," said Paulette Poncelet, the district's chief of research, assessment and accountability.

It really, really sounds like it.



(P-G, Diana Nelson Jones)

"I know they have a limited budget," said
[Michael] Stern [chairman of the city's Historic Review commission], "but maybe we could try to talk to Manchester Citizens Corp. and maybe [Pittsburgh] History & Landmarks [Foundation] to see if they could help. What about if we'd ask them to consider funding or working with you on this?"

It's an interesting story.


(P-G, Team Effort)

Somebody cool, like Wade Malcolm.


  1. hi bram - enjoyed the first two headlines!

  2. See? Aren't you happy to have your blogs back? ;-)

  3. The job of the Pittsburgh Housing Authority board, and its Chairman, Pat Ford, is to always review the spending practices at the agency.

    As he is just getting to the 'plans to launch a review' part of his day to day job responsibility -- then -- he should be launched into the private sector.

  4. hey alecia... get back to work. Your moron boss needs help with the crayons.

  5. The audit of HACP should not be done in house. The option should not even be considered and it seems like Ford is willing to let it be done in house. Mistake.

  6. Matt, It now seems that the only person in the wrong is you.

  7. How so? What did I do wrong?

    I didn't authorize getting my car detailed twice in one day, I didn't order an $80,000 printer/copier, I didn't spend thousands on production videos...

  8. That's right, car detailing.

    1. What is that, anyway?
    2. How does that fulfill the mission of the Housing Authority?

  9. car detailed twice in one day

    I didn't order an $80,000 printer/copier?
    Is that the one you used to steal all those copies?

    I didn't spend thousands on production videos
    Perhaps you did, you just are lying... You do have a track record of dishonesty you know...

  10. "Perhaps you did, you just are lying... You do have a track record of dishonesty you know..."

    Ummm your out of your mind. We had an office staff of 2. No need for that. We had like a $200 Brother brand printer. We didn't get the fancy party favors and lapel pins and pens like other people at HACP got.

    I have a track record of being a neighborhood advocate who cares about my city and community.

  11. No, I am not out of my mind. Just highly observant.

    Why don't just just come clean with your dishonesty? Why continue to lie?

    Not to mention why don't you tell us all that the perfectly legal purchases at the housing authority were documented on paper paid for by the residents of Pittsburgh that you took for your own personal use.

    Did you pay for those copies Matt?

  12. No way. Not up in here.

    We have a model for this: the GMC Yukon. If Matt "stole" copies from the Housing Authority, he should write them a check for the full cost of the printer paper and the toner ink. Would $2.30 suffice?

    I think anonymous is more concerned about the exposure of data that could lead to the embarrassment of a variety of individuals at HACP.

    Assuming Matt didn't release private disciplinary reports or similar, the only way to construe his actions as "criminal" is if one feels one is absolutely entitled to the spend public money on perks and other foolishness, and that Matt broke the code of silence among the old guard.

    Which again, makes him look like a hero.

  13. I broke the code and people at HACP 200 Ross are mad. It seems like these days they are just following my blog to learn how to run things...

    Focus on the real issue anon---mis-spending of money. I get the feeling that if Ford does an in house investigation that things will get swept under the rug.

  14. What code... The crimes code?

    Did you pay for those copies Matt Why can you just take them and a reporter that would have requested them legally would have had to pay for them?

    "he should write them a check for the full cost of the printer paper and the toner ink. Would $2.30 suffice?"

    Probably not less then .10 a page... Perhaps a quarter....

    Matt had deleted the same question off his blog... Running like a rat in the dark.

  15. In addition I have recently noticed that Matt enjoys pilfering intellectual material off of the HACP website to use on his blog.

    Funny how he does not want to talk about that on his blog... he deleted my post.

  16. I gave them credit for the pictures.

    Why don't you talk about the real issues at HACP instead of me?

    Are you one of the idiots at 200 Ross Street or are you part of the rank and file management that doesn't want things to change because you are taking advantage of the system in place now?

  17. Ummm, It's called permission. Not credit...

    Nice try tho.

    Why not go back to ripping off HACP property? All shoplifters want to pay after the fact....

    Who am I? I'm just a concerned taxpayer that is wondering if filing a private criminal complaint against you is worth it of if the feds will do it for me.

  18. "Who am I? I'm just a concerned taxpayer..."

    But somehow you're not upset about the obvious waste of taxpayer money occuring at your place of employmen... er, I mean, at a random agency that is upright and honest in all of its dealings.

    Me thinks you doth protest too much. Waaaaaay to much.