Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dan Onorato is a Brilliant and Visionary Leader

If the General Assembly passes a law this year allowing a voter referendum on the merger of the city into the county, the two will try to get it on the ballot in November 2009, said Mr. Onorato. (P-G, Rich Lord)

Um ... yeeeeessss. Commit to getting that measure to dissolve city government ready for the ballot by 2009. That's the ticket.

He said that "obviously our goal was to do it by November of [2009]." But he'll have to see the "politics of how that goes forward" before determining "when that [vote] actually happens."

Green light, Dan O! Full steam ahead! U CAIN DO EEET!!!


  1. We are all for having this issue move forward, but it seems that going to the General Assembly before you go out and talk to voters, residents and community folks is a recipe for failure.

  2. Yes, but how much good does a proposed, wished-for, pie-in-the-sky merger do for a gubernatorial candidate? If Dan wants to hang his hat on this in 2010 (which we happen to think will be necessary), it needs to be made concrete already in 2009.

    Remember that if Onorato happens not to be appearing on that general election ballot in the fall of 2010, he'll be a lame duck by June, and the wheels'll start falling off a lot of things.

    2009 appears to be not simply the gutsy play, but the only play that makes sense for the party and the coalition.