Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Party Tonight at KDKA.COM

KDKA Political Editor Jon Delano was blogging up a storm last night at the Democratic Convention in Denver -- but few noticed until it was too late.

He's set to remedy that this evening in a big way.

From 7 to 8PM, he will be joined live via satellite by three local bloggers, ourselves included, to do the whole political roundtable thing. We'll be answering your questions about Team Obama's performance on Night One and what to expect / fear during Night Two.

Someone alert John K., KGC, Zim, PG and all the rest of the contrarians.

UPDATE: David D'Angelo of 2 Political Junkies will be joining us. So that leaves one more blogger TBD.
UPDATE II: Gab Bonesso of ... um, of Gab Bonesso ... will round out the panel.


  1. Shouldn't Gab be in Denver with the few dozen P.U.M.A. protesters?

  2. http://www.post-gazette.com/multimedia/?videoid=100862

    hey br

    what you think about shields' interview with Bill Toland?

  3. The Mayr was a no show again ....in Denver. Delegation is asking why he isn't joining them at the daily breakfast meetings? Gov was there, Caseywas there Onorato was there, Jack Wagner was there?

    Where is the mayor? Fixing pot holes I guess

  4. 1. Schultz, I think that's a mischaracterization. Although she hails originally from the Clinton camp, I think she's down for party unity. One way to find out. Although the panel would have been more fun your way!

    2. You know, I only saw the first half of it. It put me to sleep, frankly, which may have been Doug's intention - "see, I'm not a crazy person!" He didn't make any news in the first part, I've been meaning to catch the rest.

    3. I'll be sure to ask JD this evening if he's seen LR; you'd figure a local reporter would want to catch up to Our Mayor at the convention. I have to doubt this rumor, though; going to a big party full of bigwigs seems to be right in his wheelhouse.

  5. KGC says: Thanks! I think. Doubt if I'll have the time.. nor do really want to hear Delano bloviate.

  6. "mischaracterization" how? When her blog posts titles are "F*ck Obama", among others, I think it is clear where she stands! I did appreciate Gab's candor when she admitted that she favored Clinton over Obama because the Clintons are dirty enough to mud sling with the Republicans, although, I think Obama has shown that he's not afraid to mix it up, something many Clintonians had reservations about.

  7. The blog entitiled, "Fuck Obama" was about B.O. talking smack on Bill Clinton for being too protective of Hillary. That's all. It was written months ago. You know, when women naively believed Hillary could be President? I've written multiple times on my blog that I am voting for Obama (clearly Shultzie doesn't read every day...). There is something weird about you white, male, Obama supporters who get so whiny when anyone dares to poke fun or, I don't know, has a different opinion. My blog is just me rambling. It's not supposed to be The New York Times. Most people who read it know that I'm a comedian which means that I'm part jack-ass. I'm the kind of person who prefers Hillary because the Clintons can play dirty. I'm nuts. Who gives a shit that I have a blog entitled, "Fuck Obama"? I also have blogs entitled, "Pizza on Saturn" and "Shark Food". You need to stop taking me seriously, smoke a j and watch some Ren and Stimpy cartoons. It will make you feel at one with God. (See what I'm doing there? I'm being silly.) You ruined my buzz. I hope that you're happy.

  8. The video, I'm told, is up at http://kdka.com/video/?id=45423@kdka.dayport.com. The proof will be in the pudding.

  9. KGC says:

    Hey, I did take peek after all! Had to have a hurl bag at the ready, though...

    Bram, you did OK... "Best of Show" (Delano is always a boob.)... Now, if we could get you to vote against "The One" by voting for McCain or not voting at all...

    Gab, you're sorta funny.. sorta like when you let one loose and everyone laughs... and it's a dud (aka as "no smell")... then again... never mind.

    Who was the mute on the left? Never said a word for the 10-15 minutes I watched...

    Think I'll pass on future shows.

  10. That was Dayvoe of 2 Political Junkies ... he got in several words edgewise later on in the show ... remember there's another one tonight with Maria of 2PJS, Sue of Pgh Lesbian Correspondents, and John "MacYapper" McIntire ... and don't worry, KGC, they're gonna get 3 Republicanish bloggers together for the Republican convention (if they can find them around here)