Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday: The Morning List

Because that's how we roll.

Chemical cloud engulfing northeast Butler County caused by spill at Indspec Chemical Corp.

Freda Tarbell, a state Department of Environmental Protection spokeswoman, said the department will monitor the cleanup and determine what caused the spill.

"We want to know exactly what happened and how the company responded," said Ms. Tarbell, who indicated the company has not had other spill problems of this magnitude in the past. (P-G, Don Hopey)

The last time we heard from Our State DEP was during the Rt. 65 Walt-Mart fiasco. It seemed to be doing diligent work throughout that episode.

Pennsylvania starts fighting gambling addiction.

The state will pay $65 per session if those individuals have no other way to pay, which is often the case with pathological gamblers since they typically wait until a financial crisis occurs before seeking help. (P-G, Gary Rotstein)

What about individuals who have the ability to pay for their own sessions, if they cash-out critical family assets -- and if they can't manage to get to the clinic before succumbing to the itch to go to the casino?

NRA stirring up nonsense in Pittsburgh.

(P-G, Rich Lord)

Allegheny County may have held someone in jail too long.

(P-G, Paula Reed Ward)

Gas companies are gaming the system, and it's not at all helpful.

(Pgh Is A City)

It should be a crime to provide people with data this good.

Stay tuned for more on McCain's recent machinations. (FiveThirtySeven)

Salena Zito snags Sarah Palin's first interview with any print reporter.

On the strengths of female politicians, Gov. Palin believes perhaps that women "have less patience for some of the baloney that goes on and some of the time that is wasted". Other than that, it's all very typical. (Trib, Salena Zito)

Ruth Ann Daily thinks Barack Obama was expected to deliver some kind of "miracle of transcendence" before even getting a crack at being President.

Also, she thinks "leftists" are using Obama as a sneaky Trojan horse, when obviously we are utilizing him in broad daylight as a battering ram. Daily seems resolutely unimpressed with Sen. Obama in any event. And what's this about Joe Biden "symbolically lynching" people? (P-G, Ruth Ann Daily)


It is about the strengths of Barack Obama, whose rise to prominence is not a fluke or national infatuation but the consequence of his remarkable skills -- a keen intellect, noble intentions and the wit and grace to express them in ways that have inspired millions across the country. He has a rare gift exactly suited to the fearful times -- he knows the language of reassurance and hope.

If his were just empty words, this would be just another cheap political gift. But what he says is carefully considered. In the debates and on the hustings, Mr. Obama has been the voice of moderation, combining common sense and compassion on issue after issue. When the subject turns to foreign policy, supposedly Mr. McCain's strong suit, Mr. Obama gives no indication that he will have to learn on the job. (P-G, Edit Board)

Rightists everywhere: I'm mellllllltiiiing ... what a world ...


  1. Whatever. If you lose your house betting on frickin' slot machines, you're just an idiot. ;)

  2. Sure you're an freakin' idiot. What about your spouse? Your children? Ailing relatives? Your employer? Your banker? It would be useful to take a stab at intervention before the gaming industry dings these folks too hard as well. There is interconnectivity up in herr. Remember Turning Stone casino and my pals from Syracuse? ;)

    And if you believe blackjack's not coming, well...

  3. Yeeeeuh. I didn't actually read the article or absorb the actual issues. I just wanted to make fun of heavy slot machine losses.

    But yeah, I'm sure blackjack is on dee way.