Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday: Listo Numbah Five!

Citizen Police Review Board attempts relevancy.

A group of local activists petitioned for the hearing, hoping to bring new attention to the 1997 consent decree that allowed the federal government to oversee Pittsburgh police for five years.

The decree has since ended, but Ms. Pittinger and others want to make sure its core elements -- including better procedures to hold officers accountable and stronger methods for tracking the use of force, searches and traffic stops -- are still being followed. (P-G, Jerome L. Sherman; see also Trib, Jill King Greenwood)

The P-G paints a portrait of a relatively stand-offish Police Bureau. However, the Trib includes quotes from Chief Harper that makes it sound a bit more like some kind of accreditation is being sought.

Change is in the air at the Bureau, and most of it is mutually agreed upon. It would be comforting to all to bring the department up to code while we're at it. Everything out of the way at once.

Opinions differ regarding Costagate.

Pittsburgh Hoagie: Costa claimed to the media that he had an idea as to who leaked the information from the Mayor's office. Costa has promised retribution for that person saying "payback's a bitch." Costa should have never said this. This could possibly cost him his job.

414 Grant Street: A Mayor simply cannot allow a director to stay in place after he makes the type of remarks that Guy Costa made publicly late last week, even going so far as to threaten to run against his boss the Mayor.

P-G Edit Board: We think the mayor should have made up his mind about discipline in this case a lot sooner, and he should have notified the affected parties through proper city channels.

Well, everybody's in agreement that the Mayor laid an egg on this one. It's a question of what, if anything, was revealed, and of cleaning up the mess. In the meantime, Mr. Costa presumably still mulls over his future in the city or whatever.

Pittsburgh Promise scores more foundation mulah.

In all, the program must raise $135 million within a decade to leverage all $90 million of a challenge grant from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. To leverage the first $10 million of the UPMC challenge, the Promise must raise $15 million this school year.

So far, the Promise is about $5 million toward the $15 million goal -- counting the initial $3 million from the Pittsburgh Foundation, an initial $300,000 from the Buhl Foundation, a $1 million gift from the Massey Charitable Trust announced in June and smaller donations from other groups. (P-G, Joe Smydo)

And you thought qualifying for a scholarship was complex!

Breaking local ornithological news

The National Aviary next week will reveal plans for a $23 million expansion that will revitalize the 56-year-old facility, including interactive programming, improved visitor amenities and a stronger connection to surrounding Allegheny Commons park land. (P-G, Team Effort)

House of ill repute seeks entree into West End.

Patrick Risha, 26, of Belle Vernon, asked the Pittsburgh Planning Commission Tuesday to approve his plan to open a club on West Carson Street near the West End Bridge because it meets city zoning requirements and would not touch any residential areas. (Trib, Jeremy Boren)

26 year-olds should not operate strip clubs. We will not argue this point.

OVERLORDS approve Mayor's annual budget.

That is, after they lobbied to put the budget's ostentatious fund balance to constructive use, paying down the debt and paving streets. The amended budget now goes to City Council for approval or further amendments. (P-G, Rich Lord)

Public officials traipse through Homewood, promise change.

(P-G, Rich Lord)

City Paper runs massive cover story on Councilman Burgess.

It begins and ends on excruciatingly ecclesiastical notes, which should serve to make all frequent readers of Savage Love comfortable. (CP, Adam Fleming)

Another PittGirl post invoking race earns bocu comments.

I don't know if we're "a racist area", but we have racially sensitive buttons. (Burgh Blog)

P-Diddy's street renaming legislation passes 9-0.

(P-G, Team Effort)

Jack Kelly gives 2PJ's David DeAngelo an engagement present?

Columnist issues correction at the very top of Sunday's piece, citing fear of a mistake becoming "part of Internet lore". (P-G, Jack Kelly)


  1. The citizens review board is a waste of taxpayer money.

  2. We voted for the citizens police review board. Its failure costs us dearly.

    The citizens police review board is a way to challenge power. It is a check and balance. It has never operated as it should and could -- because those in power have not seen fit to let it act on its mission.

    The citizens police review board could bear fruit after we get people into top administrative and elected office that are willing to do their jobs -- not just grab for all the power that they can leverage.

  3. Oh.My.God. You are SO in love with Pitt Girl (a.k.a. Frances Monahan). "Just kiss her already!"

  4. Silhouettes with gogo boots ... inflatable sharks ... the heart wants what it wants.

  5. Well said, sir. Well said.

  6. This Monday we are having a community meeting in regards to the proposed strip club. The owner of this proposed establishment will be there.