Saturday, December 6, 2008

Obama Weekly Message

In which he tells us exactly what he plans to do in the first few weeks in office. So you all better get up to speed.


1. Where did I read about our own Green Buildings initiative recently? UPDATE: It was the Trib, Jeremy Boren. h/t: Burgher.

2. This is why I'm convinced the MFXpressway is going to happen.

3. Looks like if we'd have held on to Schenley for another year, we'd have been okay after all. It could still be a signature project.

4. Our Universities should be happy.

h/t 2PJs

1 comment:

  1. I love the specificity. So many times during the campaign, upon hearing his speeches, I thought, "That sounds great, but what does it mean, exactly?" Now we're seeing what it means, exactly, and it sounds even better.

    I hope his planned massive investment in infrastructure doesn't include new highways. I think we've had enough years of government encouraging sprawl.

    And yeah, that really is a damn shame about Schenley, in retrospect.