Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday: It's a Small World After All

Null Space is genuinely concerned about the state of our region's locks and dams.

Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents has been covering Mayor Ravenstahl's formation of a new LGBT Advisory Council, and is generating a lot of interest on the general topic of how-a-supporter-becomes-a-board-member.

is a City
questions whether the moratorium on new liquor licenses can be effective in changing the atmosphere of the South Side, or whether it's just for show, considering more drastic steps that are out there. She also wonders why Luke Ravenstahl doesn't seem to run an inclusive decision-making process.

The Pittsburgh Hoagie praises Bill Peduto for his initiative to upgrade city traffic lights to enviro-friendly LEDs, and points out an overlooked story about missing gift cards at Allderdice High School. He's also the first to notice mayoral candidate Carmen Robinson's new web space.

The MacYapper runs a good post that marks his Official Disappointment in Barack Obama -- and it also runs our favorite new pictures of him. Also his (John's) political comedy roundtable is tonight, details in link.

The passing of the Burgher is marked by the Busman and by the Slag Heap, both of which are blogging up storms in their own right. Keep an eye also on the Post Gazette.

Pop City Media has a profile on Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership CEO Mike Edwards. A selection:

Since January, 2006, the total completed or actively planned Downtown investment is an astounding $4.5 billion.

But with that number come the challenges. Downtowns can no longer merely locus, or focus. They have to be thrilling – and clean! In The Downtown Gospel According to Mike Edwards, there are two reasons. First, Disney. “Because of Disney,” he says, “downtowns have to be places that are exceptionally clean, safe, and interesting.”

Second, TV. Hit shows, such as Seinfeld, Friends, and Sex in the City, all present downtowns as “exciting, youthful, positive,” he says. “They’re places to have a great time, even fall in love. Both of these factors helped change the perception that downtowns were dark, dirty, and dangerous,” Edwards says, “places to be avoided in favor of the mall. Now, of course, we have to exceed people’s expectations. We have to make downtowns as wonderful an experience as they can be. That’s what we’re striving to do.”

Wow, this takes us way back. Which reminds us, don't forget Comet Anniversary Week comes at you starting Monday Dec. 22nd. We'll be just oozing with content.


  1. and lamar lost big at the ZBA

    and so did Mayor Opie. "Perfectly legal" says hizzoner....

    particularly when you're getting greased by your billboard pals

    You are now officially "the man" Bram. Don't let us down

  2. I think the Burgher should have turned the Burgh Report over to the burghosphere community.

    Bram you would have been a good keeper of what was clearly the best political blog in the Burgh.

    After being an anon poster for years, I've been forced to registed and open a blog. I have listed you and the hoagie and will be adding some other folks as I get time.

    Maybe we need to start a blogger apprication day? I hate to see these blogs disappear. So thanks to all the bloggers out there.

  3. Anon,

    Please don't have us login and remember a password just to post an opinion.

    Them *&%^ logins are driving me crazy

    Looking forward to your blog
    Crying over losing the Burgh Report

    Pittsburgh Comet you just took over at the number one spot...

  4. When will you start oozing? :)

    Merry Christmas