Friday, January 16, 2009

Political Bottleneck Harnassed for Good Cause

I get the impression the Comet is going to be the only media outlet in either Pittsburgh or Baltimore to act upon this press release, but hey -- s'charity:

There are sure to be three winners in Sunday’s AFC Championship game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens – the victor along with the Baltimore-based St. Vincent DePaul “Empty Bowls” fundraiser and the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

Pittsburgh City Council President Doug Shields and Baltimore Council President Stephanie Rawlings-Blake have signed an agreement to help feed the hungry in each other’s city with the “loser” making a contribution to the designated organization in each city.

“I look forward to Sunday when the Baltimore Ravens will crush the Pittsburgh Steelers to win the AFC Championship,” Rawlings-Blake said. “But the real winners are St. Vincent De Paul in Baltimore and the Pittsburgh Community Food Bank for all the great work they do to help those in need in both of our great cities. Go Ravens!”

“I’m confident that the Pittsburgh Steelers will beat the Ravens on Sunday but even if the unthinkable happens, I will gladly make donations to two worthwhile organizations,” said Council President Shields. “It’s important to remember that people all across the country are experiencing tough economic times and this friendly wager is just one way to bring attention to that reality.”

Both Council Presidents will be encouraging their colleagues to join the “wager” increasing the contribution to the two charities. In the exchange, Council President Shields also warned the Baltimore Council President that Steeler Nation would be on hand to help bring home the AFC Championship.

Patrick Dowd has exactly one move left: get tickets for this Sunday's game, strip naked, paint his face and body, and streak up and down the 50 yard line until LaMarr "Advertising" Woodley puts a stop to things -- while collecting $10 contributions for the Animal Rescue League for each second he stays in motion / alive. Outside of that, this contest is rapidly receding from his grasp.


  1. Let's not forget that the Mayor changed his name to Steerstahl!

  2. This is a great side bet, and it is giving media attention to important local charities in our area. Let me point out Pittsburgh also has an empty bowls dinner, run by our local organization Just Harvest, later in the spring. I hope that some more of our and Baltimore's council persons do either sign on to this bet or find some of their own. Money for puppies and kitties would be good with me.

  3. I think I've been the thing Ed is talking about. I got a very nice bowl out of it and the soup was pretty good.

  4. Perhaps Dowd can run for Mayor of Baltimore? Word on the street, is that he would have a better chance of winning !


  5. Perhaps Dowd can run for Mayor of Baltimore? Word on the street, is that he would have a better chance of winning !