Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday: Yes We Are

1. Here is the other tremendous story that is transpiring. You better get it right. No lazy reporting, no cliched analysis. (Progress Pittsburgh)

2. The Post-Gazette rallies the good citizens of District 2 towards a future in which continued fiscal constraints encourage a prudent debt strategy. (P-G, Edit Board)

3. This is what progressive means. You go now, come back all fixed. (ADB1, ADB2)


4. After his hiring in 2005, Roosevelt closed 22 schools, opened eight Accelerated Learning Academies with a longer school day and school year, and hired Kaplan Inc., a New York-based educational services firm, to revamp curriculum. Schools were reconfigured into K-8 and 6-12 models.

These reforms, dubbed Excellence for All, cost $25 million and were paid for by the federal government and foundations. (Trib, Bill Zlatos)

My goodness, that is a lot of energy, toil and expenditure to account for -- to say nothing of this business with CEP. To an extent we have been planting seeds for future growth, but to an extent it's 2009 and it's reasonable to see some harvest. I hope the Superintendent's self-evaluation today is frank, credible and constructive.

The money Allegheny Valley School District stands to receive in a proposed federal stimulus package would come just in time to help pay a portion of a $16.5 million high school renovation project. (Trib, Jim Ritchie)


"These are for things like the added educational programs for individuals with learning disabilities but also for modernization of schools, new technology and school construction," said Rep. Jason Altmire, D-McCandless.

Since day one (practically), then-President Elect Obama was impressing upon us the national economic imperative to make swift, massive federal investments in our public schools -- bricks and mortar as well as technological infrastructure.

I hope that our own School District wasn't so taken with its Panzer-driven rightsizing and reformatting strategies (and its perpetual public relations campaign) that it failed to act as adroitly as did Allegheny Valley ... though I trust continued opportunities will arise. There's nothing like ingenuity and initiative to demonstrate leadership.

RELATED: "We've submitted a list that is all-inclusive..." Really? Because it's a big spiral galaxy. Did we ask around? Maybe projects are continuing to solidify; maybe it's best to have multiple channels of influence interacting with a variety of federal agencies. The old community heave-ho.

TANGENTIAL: Mayor Ravenstahl shares some thoughts on the Club Pittsburgh scandal at around 17:00. It's interesting. A lot of the interview is interesting. (P-G, Toland and Tkach)

ANYWAY: There are some School Board seats up for contention this May, right? Any action on those?


  1. I blog about the P-G endorsement for the special election in district 2.

  2. District 2 residents seem to be very fortunate to have two highly qualified, motivated, and experienced candidates. I think I would like Ms. Blotzer. Although I have not been in touch with Ms. Smith in a long time and I do not live in her district, I know I like her. In my observation she has always undertaken jobs nobody else wants to do. She is very quick to spread praise for a job well-done. I happen to agree with Ms. Blotzer on the issue of oversight. I know Ms. Smith well enough to be sure she would never cast a vote without fully considering all the outcomes. Once a councilman sits in the seat his perspective may change. We have seen that recently with at least one other election.

  3. "Nothing was done differently, the only difference here is that someone died"

    Of course nothing was done differently, we weren't supposed to find out. The only reason we did, was because someone died.

  4. The PG endorsement of Blotzer is awful and wrong.

    I am firing off a letter to the editor about it.

  5. Anon 12:56 - Was struck me was the admission that it was "in itself very unusual" for BBI to issue a cease and desist order; less was said about whether it is very unusual in those rare circumstances to revoke it.

  6. The PG endorsement of Blotzer is awful and wrong.

    I am firing off a letter to the editor about it.


    Why is it wrong Matt? Because they didn't go with the machine candidate?

  7. I know I could do the research myself, but I know a poster will remember. BBI are these the same folks who were grocery shopping and hanging out at home on taxpayers dollars?

  8. Right on Boo Hoo. The PG endorsed the canidate they believe will serve the people best not the canditate that is endorsed by the Committee Machine. They do not agree with you so it is wrong? What is "progressive" about that? Sounds more like a "your either fer us or agin us" Bushie. I do not know why anyone would endorse a candidate so closely alligned with the incompetent Mayoral cronies anyway.

  9. "Why is it wrong Matt? Because they didn't go with the machine candidate?"

    Nope. Not why. Smith is not a machine candidate. Not at all.

    They called her endorsement the "active choice" when anyone who lives in this area knows that T. Smith is the most active out of the candidates.

  10. The HUDDLER got a kick out of the PG endorsement.

    The Huddler read it as; Smith is the best candidate for the district - but Blotzer will be better for the City as a whole??

    The only problem with that way of thinking is that this is a DISTRICT race and NOT a city wide race.


  11. Then you should vote for her. The PG only made its recommendation and Matt thinks it is unfair. And I think she is the choice of the incompetent machine as evidence by the attendees at her function reported by Matt. The beat goes on. Or course, I am not an "insider".

  12. The PG editorial board is a great endorsement. However - the HUDDLER doesn't think the sun rises and sets based on it.

    It would of been a nice feather in her cap - but T. Smith will still win without it.

    Is the HUDDLER to assume that you think there are NO QUALIFIED DEMOCRATS who get the party endorsement?

  13. I am sure there are many qualified democrats who get the party endorsement. I am a democrat and have voted for many party endorsed candidates. My comments were triggered by Matt's comment that the endorsement was wrong and he was "firing off a letter to the editor". I am sure the party endorsment is much more valuable and more welcome to T. Smith. By the way, I enjoy your blog Huddler.

  14. Luke's remarks about Club Pittsburgh are alarming and clearly indicate his pandering to a particular voting block. Business, obviously, trumps public safety in his world where a known popper-dealing, block-from-the-bus station, bath house is still called a health club! Not that Luke is held to some sort of leadership mandate on all things GLBT, but this whole story reeks of the old Pittsburgh known-known: Boys will be boys, with every implication of marginalization intended. The lucid Sue, from Pgh Lesbian Correspondants, has my ear on this ongoing saga- Tolland needs to talk with Sue, please!

  15. You go Matt! I am sure they are quaking in their boots waiting for that letter to arrive!

  16. An opinion letter from Matt H. just might sell out that edition of the paper.

  17. Hopefully it would. That would be great!