Friday, April 24, 2009

City Accused of Dragging Feet on Hill Planning

As today's Post-Gazette article suggests, this was an extremely entertaining press conference in the Hill District yesterday:

The "political divide" betwixt Payne and Wheatley and others was touched upon in this otherwise unexemplary P-G article on the Council races.

Payne indicated that she would not "jump out in front of the community" by supporting anything the community does not support -- thereby giving Wheatley an opportunity to bring up the Penguins / Isle of Capri casino proposal.

Carl Redwood seems to be growing into leadership, and is becoming a very practical voice for community organizing. Here he provides some intriguing details on the planning process and the steering committee:

Since Danny LaVelle is a candidate for the City Council seat currently occupied by Payne, we invited him to share some thoughts:

I'll give Ms. Payne the opportunity to make a few minutes' rebuttal the next time I see her and I have my camera on me.

In regards to city government "dragging its feet" for six months or more and other problems that have been associated with this particular development process, I think it is all a great example of what Carmen Robinson on several occasions last night described as "hiding the ball".

More on last night's mayoral debate eventually.

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