Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Night: Another Week Bites the Dust

Everything that hadn't been said about the election already but should have been said long ago is at Pittsblog 2.0.

Diana Nelson Jones' City Walkabout is getting interesting. For one thing she is getting up on her soapbox -- for another, she has leapt ahead of the curve on issues related to the Mayor's aggressive demolitions policy.

Happy urban-dwelling Democrats: are we going to make a big deal about the Marriage Equality Bill? I say, we might as well! Who's first? Pgh Lesbian Correspondents; OneFiveTwoOneOne; Peaks and Gutters.

Political campaign operative -slash- Democratic committeeman -slash- government whistle blower -slash- community organizer -slash- investigative blogger Matt Hogue writes:

Here is what I have to say about Wagner. What exactly has he done for his neighborhood of Beechview? NOTHING. Why does this man seem to exert so much power and influence? It's all about that Ward Chairmanship that he is barely hanging onto. Why is this guy still in power? Intimidation? Luck? I think it's a little bit of both. All throughout the campaign I met numerous Democratic Committee members who were deathly afraid of not putting a Patrick Reilly sign up in their yard for fear of Wagner coming knocking at their doors. What a disgraceful way to rule your Committee. (Pgh Hoagie)

Here's what I have to say about that.

1) It pleases me that chaos and ill-will are still festering in the Committee.

2) It's distinctly possible that I have no idea what I'm talking about, but ... nothing Matt H writes here seems particularly troubling. Unless he would like to define "shenanigans," which is a word I once tried to get Rich Lord to print to no avail seeing as how it is vague and subtly evasive. Everything I know about the Wagner operation stems from reading the HUDDLER, which I think we have established already is some form of surreal glimpse into the Wagnerian mind. And those people seem just fine.

3) However, Hogue does go on to call for Pete Wagner's resignation from the Committee for "strong-arming", "threats", and "goon"-ish behavior, so for some in our audience that might be newsworthy and important.

We close with Hall & Oates. Have a nice weekend.


  1. Those people in the 19th Ward have time to plan a takeover of the ward if they are really serious about getting rid of Wagner (and this goes for any committee or ward chair). Start now recruiting people who run for the individual committee seats in each voting district - where are all those people who worked for Obama? Get them involved in the process at the most grass roots level. Get them on the ballot next spring - it takes 10 signatures. Many committee people run unopposed for years and years and gave up being active a long time ago. A good campaign will win a district committee election - just do it. The committee people in each ward will meet next June (2010) to elect new ward chairs - you've got time - DO IT!!!!!!!

  2. The HUDDLER has some doubt that Matt H wrote this most recent diatribe regarding the 19th Ward?

    Since when is Matt H the know all regarding 19th Ward politics?

    The HUDDLER also wants to send out a belated hell ya to Natalia for her upset victoria.

    WORD ON THE STREET is that ORGANIZED LABOR pushed Natalia over the top to VICTORY!!!!!

  3. Has the Huddler not realized that Matt H knows everything about everything?

    Please, Huddler, do your research. All of the winners want his endorsement and support and all the winners want him in his corner. In addition his "endorsement" carries "a lot of weight" in these parts.

    So given that Matt supported the now 3 time looser in the District 4 race the only thing I can think of is that you are all wrong and he is right.

  4. Pete Wagner 19th Ward Chair and I are old aquaintances...

    Ask Pete about asbestos concerns in City County Building and Molsen's Beer purification that uses asbestos in purification process?

    Ask him if Lou Dinardo (Once Public Saftey Director) was in same meeting with us?

    Ask him if he is bud's with Bill Cagney Business Manager for Local 95...point man on asbestos concerns for Operating Engineers?

    'You drink beer purified with asbestos, why are you concerned with asbestos in CCB'...Pete asked?

    He got his job with City cause Jack was Preident of City Council, not because he was qualified. Then he gets job with County...Thinking Dan would like to have that call, back...?

    Or did Jim Roddey hire Pete..?

    ACE's brotha, same deal with Parking Authority...

    Corbett, does he have kin on payroll...heard he hired Mike Diven's brother Joey.

    Does Corbett, drink? Molsen's, perhaps?

    Such is Guv's race...


  5. Monk:

    Also asks "does anyone remember when City Councilman Jim Ferlo moved the motion to have Jack Wagner removed as President of City Council."

    Had the votes...

    Busman,knows...Mayo knows all!

    Votes were there.

    At last moment, final vote, a vote was changed that allowed Wagner to keep President slot.

    The Busman, can tell you who it was...(Wake me up Busman, when we reach my destination)

    ...I'm leaning towards Onarato, might have been the Eddie Hasckel of Council...Gene Ricciardi...

    Thinking Dan would like to have that vote back...


  6. "The HUDDLER has some doubt that Matt H wrote this most recent diatribe regarding the 19th Ward?"

    Why wouldn't I have wrote all of it? Everything I write is 100% mine.