Friday, July 17, 2009

Two Days Later... *

Just two days after the new Zoning Board members were confirmed...

Denied its bid to light up the front of the Grant Street Transportation Center with electronic ads, Lamar Advertising is appealing to Commonwealth Court, and asking to be reimbursed for its investment. (P-G, Rich Lord 1; h/t Null Space)

Here we go loopty-loo.

Lamar is "demanding hundreds of thousands of dollars of the public's money for something they should never have been allowed to do," Mr. Peduto said. "Council has the ability to investigate, and to subpoena present and past employees," if no higher authority will step in, he said. (P-G, Rich Lord 2)

Given both current events and distant history, he might want to very deliberately and respectfully build his case among all nine members before threatening any form of Councilmatic action.

*-UPDATE: Hey, why not:


  1. i am totally opposed to the billboard, bu maybe Peduto should run for Judge...he loves to throw around the idea of subpeona's...he does it at least 1 every three months...he's got a serious ego problem. someone should remind him he's a council member in a small town with a weak council government structure.

  2. While it's a given that all these characters have egos, my take is that his getting ahead of himself has less to do with ego than emotion. It must be exasperating after a year and a half to not be able to take any sort of direct approach from Point Mess to Point Resolution -- particularly after Mitinger was canned in favor of Rooney.

    But even in a "weak council government structure", those are powers that Council absolutely does have, unless one wants to argue that Council is actually even weaker "in spirit" than it appears in the Charter, and some of its powers ought to be considered vestigial or ornamental.

  3. I went to school with a guy named Vestigal Powers.

  4. Wasn't Vestigal Powers the son of Testicle Powers? And, didn't die of Penial-Cranial Infarction?

  5. Subpoena Ravenstahl!

  6. I say we RIOT RENDELL'S OFFICE!!!

    (A private joke for longtime readers with good memories.)