Monday, November 16, 2009

The Band: The Pretenders

The song: Middle of the Road


  1. Bram: Has the media ever confronted Luke on his campaign representation that he created a $100 million surplus, yet post-election, he's now representing that he must raise taxes to address a $15 million shortfall?

    Also, has the media ever confronted Luke on any of his campaign promises to pursue cost-cutting measures such as cutting 25police jobs by moving 25+ police officers from secretarial positions out into the streets?

    Finally, is Luke's proposed budget balanced using both the proposed new 1% tax + revenues from leasing the parking garages?

  2. Anon 2:08 - No, no, and although its balanced on the possibly implausable Student Tax I actually don't know if its balanced on yet-to-be-transacted garage lease revenues.

  3. Is it really the job of the media to point that out? At what point should the electorate be held responsible?