Saturday, January 9, 2010

My 2nd Cousin Zack was just Bar-Mitzvah'd...

.. and his haftorah this morning reminded me I never found the right excuse to post this:

Speaking of relevant video, my tweeps know I've been on a major Battlestar Galactica kick:

Sorry about the Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner interlude.


  1. Bar-Mitzvahd?

    New joint on Carson Street?

    Congrats, to Zack...

    Cool Vid: couldn't figure out what type of industrial facility portrayed, within.

    So much for my Industrial Engineering Technology Degree...

    Stupid Me!


  2. From Mistick:
    As for President Harris, who has had little love for Dowd since he beat her in a bruising school board race a few years back, she must have heard the rumors that Ravenstahl has been shopping for a candidate to oppose her for the council. Among those being mentioned as possible challengers is the mayor's brother.

  3. FamilyTies - A few of us have heard the same thing about Kip Ravenstahl in regards to Walko's seat in the state legislature, but I don't see why both can't be true:

    2010 - He seems alright, but this is the first anyone's heard of him. Maybe he should gain some experience somewhere else first.

    2011 - Hey hey! He took our advice! Let's give the kid a chance...