Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday: Office-Holders Prepare for Figurative, Rhetorical Combat to Sort Out Public Agenda

This (Trib, Bobby Kerlik) could cause a potentially serious political bottleneck (ProgressPittsburgh) over in the southeast. Harris majority enthusiasts right now are probably furtively, politely celebrating -- although foes of the iconic Councilman Shields are probably licking their chops all the same.*

*-UPDATE: Early Returns comes to a differing conclusion, "despite yesterday's announcement Shields still has a district judge seat to run for, but it won't be easy."

Meanwhile on the South Side, Mr. Kraus makes it official that he is in for another go-round, having protected libraries, opened a District Office, and worked to fight crime and schmutz.

Speaking of rematches, it's snow vs. the mayor again starting this afternoon: P-G, Jon Schmitz.

Finally, the P-G recommends against the first of two Burgess referendums -- the one which, while also enhancing the probability of bathing City Council in a bad light for several months and diverting the conversation towards how we should apportion blame for various imperfect states of affairs instead of how we might be fixing the City next -- additionally forwards some uncomfortable, hard-to-brush-aside truths about the property tax.


  1. Is there anyone in the city of Pittsburgh less well-suited for the bench than Doug Shields?

  2. Yes. You might have a half-dozen or so on speed dial, and that's just the elected officials.

  3. Ha!

    I haven't heard any bad headlines coming out of his magestarial district. Infy and the City Paper keep us fairly well informed of those things.

  4. Tremendous ringing Shields endorsement from Infy

  5. When an Infindorsement exists, it will be published.

  6. Infy 10:07:

    That's just mean. LOL! And funny!

  7. Mind-set of Educated!
    Power Driven, is not funny...

    Pitt Professer "Eric Swanson"...
    Motznik of Quantum Physics...?

    Come on Kids! Pitt Faculty, wanders...and, why not?

    I sent To P-G Editors: Reply To Eric Swanson's Article...


    Quantum Physics?

    "I Recently Read an article in the Pittsburgh P-G titled “Keep your hands off my theory! New Age mystics are misusing quantum mechanics.”

    I also recently read article quoting Pope saying “Big bang theory…”

    …years ago I heard story of Appalachian Wishing Box.

    A Sunday or two ago the most prominent religious moderate "Joel Osteen” talked about moving mountains, with thought: not prayer.

    The Article I speak to, by : Eric Swanson, scolds the likes of Rhonda Byrne and Deepak Chopra,
    whose books I have read…

    Einstein was portrayed as stooge because his ‘Unification Theory” has yet to pan out…

    The full possibility of unification theory , proposed by Einstein, Pope, Rhonda, Appalachia, and New Age Evangelist is summarily dismissed by Professor who demands that New Age Thinker’s keep hands off of his Quantum Physics!




  8. Bloggers for the eradication of Ricky V BurgessJanuary 11, 2011 at 4:19 PM

    Does Burgess's new legislation mean that he is resigning?


  9. 1. I've yet to hear he's running for anything else, and he claims not to be interested in doing so.

    2. Bad week for societies dedicated to "eradication".

  10. Now, that's funny!

    Burgess thingy...

    Abdicate, position by taking position?

    "I'm just checking my condition, to see what, my condition is in?"


  11. "Besides serving as councilman, considered a full-time position in Pittsburgh, Mr. Burgess teaches a course at Community College of Allegheny County and is a pastor at Nazarene Baptist Church in Homewood. Asked whether those positions might be as much a distraction from city business as a campaign for another office, Mr. Burgess said he was proud of his record and would compare it to anyone's on council."

    So Burgess has 3 incomes and wants to talk about people resigning????

    Really dude?

  12. monk:

    If the P-G failed to publish your letter on quantum physics, it must have been an oversight. Resubmit it!

  13. Anon 5:04 - Hey, mon! What are you saying now, are you believing the Councilman is of any relation to the Hedley family?

  14. How about this about your boy?


  15. How about anonymous commenters who can't describe somebody black without sounding like a drunked-up cracker from 1950s Mississippi?

  16. Anon 9:17 - That is a pretty wild blog right there. I note that post is just about a year old; I wonder if Mr. Saunders is going to chime in again on the potholes or his Council repl

  17. From PG: "CCAC spokesman David Hoovler declined to give Mr. Burgess' salary but said he's a full-time faculty member teaching eight courses this term."

    Eight courses?! That's a heck of a load. And he's holding down two full-time jobs plus being a pastor? Forget about his constituents being underserved, what about his students and parishoners?

    I think this one of these cases where a person with a huge ego and lots of guilt subconsciously undermined and exposed himself.

  18. I think that angry resident who wrote that piece is on to something.

    Maybe if Burgess didn't have so many jobs people wouldn't write things like that.

  19. "Boy" was not used in a Mississippi way on that comment. Clearly is was used as int he same way someone would use "friend or pal"

    Get your head out of your you know what.

  20. I'm gonna say this right now: I think Burgess is on to something with this Property Tax referendum. I don't know what they're saying about it at the present moment ... but if I were on Council I would hold that thing for a Post-Agenda and state more than a few encouraging words. No reason not to, could turn out to be fine public policy all things considered.

  21. And yes, I'm asking for an electronic copy of that initial report for you all to evaluate.

  22. DOA

    Burgess should play better with other.