Monday, February 6, 2012

Occupy Journalism: Don't Just Believe Everything You Hear and Are Told

So much I'd rather be writing about -- maybe better suited to the sign-o-sphere.

But in regards to what sorts of things can actually be learned with "thermal imaging cameras"...

If that's not plain enough, there is a sequel here and more in-depth article here from the Guardian. Even Glen Beck's the Blaze is backing off.

We can honestly appreciate the sentiment behind trying to alienate Occupy Pittsburgh as thoroughly as possible from its natural allies -- the 99%, whomever is watching Ch. 2 -- in order to suppress widespread popular support before the curtain rises on the eviction. In the interest of keeping the law enforcement situation manageable.

Also appearing in the same tactical parlay:

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, who watched Marty’s video, says it’s time for the camp to go. But he’s also heard what Marty has been told – that hundreds of reinforcements may be called in from Washington, D.C. to repopulate the camp. (KDKA)

It's unclear from that phrasing whether or not the Mayor heard that alleged rumor from Marty Griffin, just then, along with the watching of his thermal video.

And it's debatable whether these two busloads of out-of-town occupiers will be anything like these two busloads of out-of-town atheists besieging Ellwood City. Which did not exist. But boy, did passing around those thinly sourced rumors really "stir things up!" Who doesn't like chaos and misinformation?

Unfortunately, people tend to be taken in by these little games generated at the intersection of politics, ambition and and psy-ops:

“Obviously, this tape shows it, nobody’s been there for a long period of time,” Ravenstahl said. “If a large number of people all of a sudden show up, I think it really shows you what the Occupy folks are all about. (ibid)

Aw, no! Aw! Ouch! That phrasing was unfortunate. Maybe the quote was really painfully extracted. The implied inclination towards a sweeping negative appraisal is frustrating, though once again -- media / political gamesmanship was at play.

But let the record show, in the war between Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and Occupy Pittsburgh, it was the mayor who threw the first swing. Let it be a brief war.


  1. I c Marcellus Shields is passing himself off as a
    consultant to Occupy Pittsburgh!! This is a guy
    who mishandled his own political career and now
    hes a consultant. The Cast of Fools grows
    by 1!!!

  2. i don't know about london, but the encampment in pittsburgh was empty and everybody knew it. people who work downtown and walk around there have been saying since november nobody is there. that's why kdka did the story in the first place. in the video you embedded, there are actually PEOPLE walking around. unlike pittsburgh since it got cold. and now "occupy everything" has shown up (as rumored) and caused property damage in a low income community that has enough trouble without this.

    it's really unfortunate that a bunch of media whores are completely discrediting legitimate issues and setting us back another generation. thank you very little.