Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ravenstahl Means Business

I think that's the message...

"Downtown is becoming the neighborhood that was the dream of Bob O'Connor," said Peter Sukernek, general manager and vice president of Howard Hanna Commercial, a unit of the region's largest real estate company. "He wanted to see Downtown be another city neighborhood, not just another Downtown that everybody leaves at night, and Mayor Ravenstahl has carried that on." (Trib, Boren & Spatter)

One could also reference the new tax-break legislation that is fighting its way through Council.

By way of comparison, last night Peduto for Pittsburgh put out a web blast on historic preservation to go with recent ones on sustainable buildings and drawn-out, methodical master planning.


  1. Once Matt "Chainsaw" Hogue get dome with his trial I think he would agree.

  2. I'm all for mocking comically inept theft, but you really need to tie it to something. Aside from that, I can't figure out if you're saying he would agree with the mayor or Peduto.

  3. As I recall, my most ludicrously persistent anonymous Matt H assailant turned out to be a Pedutoista. Although at this point they're probably just trolling me personally.

  4. Matt H would agree with both of them. Then he would take a hard look at Coghill's inseam and wonder what it would be like if Coghill was mayor while he was doing his hard time.

    Coghill. It's all his fault.

  5. Gee, wonder why Peter Sukernek is singing Bob O'Connor's praises? Could it be because his wife Connie worked for Bob and Doug and is now with Corey? Here's a snippet from a Rich Lord article from earlier this year:

    "[Shields'] main consultant, Connie Sukernek, previously worked for then-Councilman Bob O'Connor, now the mayor. She is frequently seen working in his council office or in the Council Chamber.

    Honestly, I didn't know about the Sukernek/Howard Hanna connection until this post. With Corey being guided by all of his Dad's old campaign and office staffers/cronies--Sukernek, Lederman, Andrews--why don't we just crown the boy prince king and get it over with? Does anybody else shiver in dread at the thought of 40+ more years of feelgood O'Connor media coverage? Or even the pending matrimony overkill? Could the PG at least cut back on what seems to be a photo-a-month of Corey?

  6. I do not understand you, Pittsburgh. Tom Murphy made the dream of Bob O'Connor, Sophie Masloff and Luke Ravenstahl a reality. It's great to dream. I assume that's what most of the mayors of Pittsburgh have done while they were asleep on the job.

    Tom Murphy transformed downtown. PNC is now doing the job in the Fifth and Forbes area that Murphy would have done twenty years ago--with financing in place. Wouldn't it have been nice to enjoy that crap hole for the past two decades?

    To give Bob O'Connor or Luke Ravenstahl a lick of credit for anything positive downtown is delusional. Dream on, Pittsburgh. Tom Murphy's fingerprints are all over the city and he gets no credit whatsoever. Just don't get it.

  7. Mayor Murphy was not a go along, get along guy. That, and three terms (second longest in Pgh. mayor history), earned him many enemies. Not to be too callous where O'Connor is concerned, but the three mayors that you mention all had the benefit of short terms in office and/or unusual circumstances that put them in the top job. I still hold out hope for a Tom Murphy Bridge though.

    In other news, the evidence builds week by week that O'Connor Jr. will be in Luke's corner in 2013, by and large behind the scenes, but decidedly on board.

  8. let's not forget that Bobby O was going to personally oversee downtown development. That meant Denny Regan would go around with a paper bag once a month and collect the dues!