Friday, July 27, 2012

City Schools: Not an Encouraging Portrait at the Present Moment

As 280 School District employees are laid off on the exclusive basis of seniority even acknowledging some pretty fierce achievement gaps and challenges, and it is confirmed that the District's push to close a diverse and successful high school was built largely on false pretenses, residents in at least one predominantly African-American neighborhood are tearing their hair out.


  1. ".. on the exclusive basis of seniority.."

    And, ladies and gentlemen, therein lies one of, if not THE, most egregious effects of *any* Union-controlled situation.

    The heck with who does the job best.. we must protect those that have been there the longest.

    Full disclosure - The same seniority BS is followed in our legislative bodies (PA & Federal). As a result, the "old Guard" stays in power/control.

  2. The results are out, we should not have done such a dismal job this PSSA year since if you follow the district and A+ Schools logic we had the most effective teachers in the classroom in 2011-12 and they all got furloughed this summer. That said, some really special teachers who make good connections with kids will not be back this year. What has to happen now is that someone needs to step up have that courageous conversation where the authority looks all kids in the eye and says "you're not working hard enough."