Friday, July 13, 2012

PSU: Reset Your Sense of Proportion. Shut Down the Program for a While.

As rancid as we had suspected. Surprised however that such a report was actually produced.

A scathing report that excoriated top Pennsylvania State University officials, including legendary football coach Joe Paterno, for failing to protect boys from a sexual predator sent a warning to other universities about the need to fully disclose suspected crimes on campus. (WSJ, Maher & Miller)

Recycling a Facebook comment:

Shutting down the football program wouldn't be "punishment", it'd be penance. It would be a way to acknowledge, demonstrate and make memorable the fact that football isn't very important. The student-athletes would still get to take classes, and still get to go out on the quad to play football amongst themselves. But the entire community would get a reminder that this program is dust in the wind and ultimately not worth protecting like human life and human dignity. One year suspension.

Borrowing another comment from the Friend whose Wall I put it on:

I'm sorry, but I have a problem with people referring to the loss of money if there's some punishment. Dollar signs and King Football is what created this mess.

Try surprising people, Penn State trustees. Show you realize that dollar signs aren't everything.


But Jerry Sandusky isn't in prison in spite of Tom Corbett, he's there because Mr. Corbett did his job -- by building a strong enough case to take a predator celebrity off the streets.

Most people don't understand how cases such as this operate. It's easy to sit behind a computer and critique all aspects of a case when you do not understand the inner workings of the justice system and its oftentimes harsh realities for victims. (P-G, Jennifer Storm)

We have the impression that if Sandusky was an axe murderer on the loose, "celebrity" and "pillar of the community" or not, then prosecutors might have acted with a fiercer sense of urgency. Or dug a little more doggedly.

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