Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Trees of Politicians must be Pruned with the Shears of Primaries


A day after making certain everybody understood the potentially deadly stakes, Councilman Dowd launched a critique of Mayor Ravenstahl's inattention to urban forestry:

"This is not a sexy issue," Mr. Dowd said. "It is not a glamorous issue. It is, therefore, not an issue receiving the attention of this mayor." (P-G, Joe Smydo)

In related news, Michael Lamb has quietly launched an electoral Twitter account (which features the only known image of Michael Lamb.)

I had once calculated that the best indicator as to whether or not Our Controller would seriously pursue a run at the Mayoralty this year, would be whether or not his ally Dowd adopted a discreet consensus-seeking approach or fiercely aggressive tone in regards to Port Buncher. Likely I was right all along, but this seals it.

Speaking of Donzi's Landing, that development appears to be in the process of being dropped in the slow, slow, sloooow cooker if not the pickler. Give it about seven months, trust that Peduto and Rudiak will evaporate out, add a dash of Electoral Landslide and it should be ready to serve cold.

BONUS CONTENT, MARCELLUS SHALE NATURAL GAS DRILLING ENERGY #JOBS: We are informed that this is big news out of Penn State.


  1. City government news was over the top this morning--DPW/Peduto-Gilman thrown down on street paving, Doven as snarky as ever on the trees, and Friends of Nate Harper running rough shod in Public Safety. Proving once again that Grant Street is a universe unto itself, with the local aliens lacking all sense of perspective and rarely venturing outside their own toxic galaxy.

  2. It was quite a morning. The great quiet of 2012 was groovy while it lasted.

  3. Peduto has suddenly discovered Facebook over on the souside touting new city steps lighting. Lamb can have Dowd not too many have much need for him. lamb, Peduto, Wagner Balkanize the south Hills. Luke owns the black community except for hip hop Dj khari m who is torn in 2. Luke will get his NS folks, a lot of 15, 31 swaths of souside, Allentown, Arlington , Bloomfield larryvle west tax increase in 7 years asphalt all over the east end courtesy LR. the more in the race the merrier

  4. 7 years asphalt all over the east end courtesy LR

    PennDot did much of that for the tunnel detour. The snowless winter helped bunches, but still the roads aren't being repaired fast enough to offset normal wear and tear. It's gotten better, but there is a long way to go.

  5. Oops. Anon at 1:01 PM was me.