Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tom Corbett Appeals NCAA Sanctions on Penn State for Enabling Known Pedophile

Hemi, Tripwire Interactive

He does not like this anymore. He would not like it with a boar!

Gov. Tom Corbett asked that a federal judge throw out the sanctions, which include an unprecedented $60 million fine and a four-year ban on bowl games, arguing that the measures have harmed students, business owners and others who had nothing to do with Sandusky's crimes. (Mark Scolfro, AP via HuffPo)

Okay, we get that.

What law is being broken here? Which article? "Anti-trust"? Please.

The NCAA -- its leadership and its membership -- was disturbed and horrified to learn of institutional behavior which endangered children. It wanted to make a memorable punitive statement to distance itself and discourage such behaviors in the future. And it did. Maybe the NCAA sanctions were clumsy or excessive, maybe not. Penn State University was happy enough being a part of the NCAA before, when it was all ad revenue and merchandise!

In a statement, the NCAA said the lawsuit has no merit and called it an "affront" to Sandusky's victims. (Scolforo)

It sounds as though the Governor has recently determined to angle for a settlement. Make enough noise, throw some mud at the NCAA and some of its members, and try to motivate them to settle on a smaller sanction. Community service. Probation.

While also scoring the political point that, yes, Tom Corbett feels the pain of innocents.

It also says something about Tom Corbett's priorities on spending taxpayer dollars, and assigning taxpayer personnel, in a government. Lots of bad guys out there that need investigated and prosecuted.

BONUS QUESTION: Will this in any way conflict new Attorney General Kathleen Kane as she fulfills her campaign promise to pursue the review AG Corbett's Sandusky investigation?

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  1. Get a grip Corbett, the school accepted the ruling! I'm Happy with it. If he thinks he can disconnect the school from its notorious football program he's nutz!