Friday, February 1, 2013

The Band: Spook Rat

The genre: "Crusty folk punk"


  1. Please enjoy the music while Bram awaits instructions from Peduto Headquarters. Thanks, and have a great day.

  2. I've generally been a fan of what Peduto's been offering for seven long years already, as well as his consistency and especially his tenacity in offering it. Always been here for you to see, and always fresh from my perspective not somebody else's. If anyone is sore at me, it's apparently only because I'm not leaning towards YOUR candidate, and you coveteth the support of the Pittsburgh Comet and all the Cometmaniacs out there. That's understandable. What can I say? Keep practicing.

  3. Think of campaign finance regulation as virus protection software. You've got to keep developing and upgrading new software, in order to stay ahead of the hackers. I'm glad Peduto fought so long and hard (really hard) to start this process. Going back to the days of $100,000 contributions doesn't sound like a great idea, how about that?

    If anyone "in possession" of this new campaign finance data can keep an eye on the general influence of "celebrity" fund raisers: President Clinton, Secretary (then-Senator?) Clinton, Governor Rendell. Am I missing anyone?

  4. Yes, TV Actor David Conrad, Hall of Famer Franco Harris, Daily Show Correspondent Mayor Fetterman, County Despot Rich Fitzgerald, Former House Whip/Inmate 2543 Mike Veon. O, wait, that's Bill Peduto's celebrity list. Yowsers.

  5. Anon 4:53 - He's not a despot if he FAILED to get Bremieir in there! Who, by the way, probably could have waltzed into Harrisburg and said, "Give us dedicated funding for mass transit, and this all goes away."

    To JB. I hope one day we can learn his vision for enhancing mass transit in the whole Pittsburgh region.

  6. @Bram

    No. Where are you hearing that from? All accounts from a diversity of sources (we're talking some really surprising agreement here) suggest that Brimmeier would have been toxic in Harrisburg. His management skills (all that ballooning debt for the turnpike) and cronyism were un-admired on many sides of the aisle. And word is coming down from on high that our county did not impress as regards our rational timing or savvy or professionalism in this whole brouhaha.

    And the fact that I feel it is my responsibility to my organization to post this anonymously speaks volumes about how easily we all allow creeping despotism to take hold of our day-to-day collective problem solving and decision making.

    I would suggest that some not-so-creeping self-awareness of the consequences we may all bear from self-protective silences may soon work a change in collective responses.