Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Competition for Carlisle!!!

The race for District 9 City Council is shaping up to be a real barn-burner.

With the addition of real estate broker Judith K. Ginyard, the unofficial tally of Democratic challengers to incumbent Twanda Carlisle (pictured) swells to six. (P-G)

According to the Comet's calculations, Carlisle could theoretically defend her seat with just 15% of the vote.

Challenger K. Chase Patterson scored some quality face-and-voice time on WTAE. At age 23, Patterson positions himself as part of a youth movement in Pittsburgh, without mentioning Luke Ravenstahl by name, who won his own Council seat at 23. Patterson struck a conciliatory note in regards to Carlisle's legal troubles, saying he had a sit-down with the incumbent and assured her its "nothing personal."

What Patterson lacks in funding, he seems to make up for with "the stuff": speaking style, presentation, and savvy. He even pounded some nails into some boarded up Homewood buildings, although we wonder how he got permission to so assist the Housing Authority.

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