Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Half-Truths, Lies, Innuendos, and Conspiracy Theories" (Oh, My!)

Your long-term analysis of McIntiregate is:

1. The bloggers are coming!!! The bloggers are coming!!!

Your medium-to-short term analysis is:

1. Even the most rabid anti-Luke webloggers are conceding that the Regan-Once-Again-As-Fixer angle is way off the mark. So long as this holds, the McIntire story can be credibly described as a mugging. Albeit a well-executed one, given its firm basis in truthiness, and its timing at the ebb of the McNeilly cycle.

2. Since Peduto can not directly attack Ravenstahl on issues of youth and immaturity, for fear of alienating his young-professional base, McIntire seems to be the attack dog. But is he freelancing, or is the arrangement explicit?

3. Having said all that, John McIntire has proven himself not only relevant, but bold, interesting, civic-minded, and richly deserving of good and gainful employment, preferably in our fair city.

4. Those of you who've been enjoying the Bush : Ravenstahl analogies should certainly revel in Brit Hume : Marty Griffin.

5. The "He Lied About It Previously" angle seems weak at this point. It would appear he had denied being arrested, which is true, and not just technically true.

6. The Comet is far more concerned about his claim that after "two to three drinks," his judgement was not impaired. Aside from the very dangerous message, why not cop to some impairment?

7. The Comet also requests the Mayor's presence at all events of the Pittsburgh Organizing Group, particularly the March 2 blockade of the CMU National Robotics Engineering Center (Levine, C-P), and any pickets at military recruitment offices.

8. Seriously: if the Fraternal Order of Police takes exception to Ravenstahl's recent tone, and endorses Peduto, all bets are off.

9. Council member Jim Motznik is disappointed in these sort of attacks coming "from an opponent that's way down in the polls." Polls?

10. WPXI Political Analyst Bill Green: "I think it'll probably go away." No, no, no, no, NO! Everything is fascinating, the implications are always profound, and everyone has to stay tuned. Seriously, dude, ANY ONE OF US will be glad to take over for you.

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