Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Los Bloggos Officiale!!!

Everybody go check out our own Wired, Progressive, Peoples Candidate's Campaign Blog!

Oh wait ... you can't. You're not invited.

Guess we have to go sit at the reject table with Napoleon, Pedro, and that girl with the topknot.

(h/t Rauterkus: the candidate who never minds if you visit his blog)

We plebes are welcome to visit, which at the moment only provides contact info. And a logo that looks like something Burton Morris might have designed, after he accidentally ran over his own puppy.

Or you can check out, which does not offer contact info, but sure as spit wants to know yours! And graphics ... GRAPHICS ... well ... you guessed it ...

(h/t The suddenly indispensable Bob Mayo)


  1. Don't be a tool. The blog is created and they're working on formatting it and tweaking this and linking that and crafting some perfect posts, and it'll be public as soon as that's done.

    And you know it. This is snarkery worthy of the MacYapper you denigrate so much. For shame.

  2. We know nothing. And hey, we'll be happy to plug it once again if & when it "goes live."

  3. Yeah -- I was wondering also why the blog is for those "invited" only. Makes no sense.

  4. That first comment was rude. Of course, it's always easy to call people names while being anonymous.

  5. Thanks for the hat tip.

    Frankly, I'm more upset at PAT for pulling me aside and saying that the video camera wasn't allowed at the public hearing.

    But, I don't like hearing how the internet is the future and how some are sooooo cutting edge -- when the internet is really the PRESENT. That "turn-about" makes for a good giggle.