Friday, February 2, 2007


Chris Heinz is getting married to Sasha Lewis in Washington, DC, on February 10th. (P-G)

We attended a Chris Heinz lecture at a Sustainable Pittsburgh gathering on Duquesne's campus about seven years ago, with our girlfriend of the time.

Mr. Heinz, who looks like tv's Mr. Big, was delivering an impassioned environmental power-point presentation, years before Al Gore made it cool. We could feel the affections of our ladyfan being diverted, as though by a black hole of money, intelligence, and tan, personally-trained hide. In fact, there was a distinct, tangy humidity in the air throughout room of young activists.

The Comet is glad Mr. Heinz has found his true love, and congratulate the happy couple.

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  1. Mr. Heinz still pulled the political boner of the decade by not having the cajones to run against Missy Hart last year. If a political nobody like Jason Altmire could edge the horsey-faced incumbent, Heinz could've walked to DC with a 65-35 margin of victory.

    But in general, as Beavis would say, "Damn he's smooth."