Thursday, February 1, 2007

A & E Review: Sex, Politics, & Religion Night

If we could build a comedian with the wit of Gene Collier, with the delivery of Gab Bonesso, with the sexual tension of Snatchbox 20, and with the giant legal pad of John McIntire ... then, my friends, then we'd be a world-class city.

1. Opiegate
2. Acid
3. Wife: Orgasm

Was that your set outline, or your to-do list?

Speaking of the MacYapper, he's threatening another volley of unfriendly fire, this time having to do in some way with Allegheny General Hospital. This after his "Aw, shucks, all this fuss about little old me?" column in the City Paper.

We would not amplify this chicanery, were it not for the Comet's new-found familiarity with the concept of the "news hole," and the overpowering urge to fill up one's "news hole." Yet rest assured that if this somehow leads, even tangentially, to the release of anyone's personal medical information, we reserve the right to retaliate at a time and in a manner of our own choosing. Which probably just means more Photoshop. But maybe not.


  1. No, the Comet does not know why its timestamp is perpetually 25 minutes fast, which describes the coordinates of no time zone that we can imagine. But if anyone can offer any insight, we'd really appreciate it.

  2. 25 minutes later than it really is... that would put your timezone somewhere around Allentown, or maybe into New Jersey someplace. Man, it would suck to be there. Sorry to hear about this. Hope you get back soon!

  3. I'm pretty sure releasing medical records is a crime ... so it must have to do with some other incident.

    Of course, if something did happen, we can expect half the facts to be wrong and the story to die prematurely.