Friday, February 16, 2007

Convention Center Plot Thickens, Maybe

It is almost as though Mark Houser's opus in the Trib was about to run under the headline "Firms Investigating Recent Collapse On Trial for 2002 Fatality."

The entire body of the article explores allegations of negligence made by an insurance company against four contracting firms. The allegations are supported by both Cyril Wecht's coronor's inquest, and a newly revealed OSHA report. Three of those four named defendants were hired to investigate the recent convention center collapse, along with two outside investigators. Their case will go to trial on March 13.

However, his article runs under the headline "Convention Center Collapse 'Isolated Incident'," with three sentances tacked onto the top in which Mayor Ravenstahl leaks some reassuring news from the building inspection, and Chief Executive Onorato declines to coment before the briefing.

According to the C-P's database of campaign contributions, none of the three investigators / co-defendants, nor any firms involved in the case, appear to have made contrubtions to any city candidate.

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