Thursday, February 15, 2007

Park n' Eat it

Thanks to an investigative report by WTAE's Jim Parsons, Acting City Controller Anthony J. Pokora will audit the Pittsburgh Parking Authority to investigate claims that its employees have been voiding parking tickets issued to their colleagues.

The Parking Authority voided 12,000 tickets last year, including 29 out of 29 issued to Ray Marcione, who works for the parking authority.

The Trib's Jeremy Boren has Parking Authority Director David G. Onorato calling this egregious ticket voiding "an isolated case." Or an isolated twelve thousand cases.

We have an idea. What ever happened to those parking fine amnesty-holidays? You know -- discount the inflated $65 ticket back down to the original $10 or $15, collect a quick wad of cash, and let the poor souls with their head in the sand off the hook before they get booted? We're not saying we need that personally, but the Comet has a friend who knows a guy who could really benefit from the return of that popular program.

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