Monday, March 19, 2007

Breaking: Election Happening

David M. Brown of the Trib reports that two people are running in the May 15 primary election for mayor of Pittsburgh: young charmer Luke Ravenstahl, and seasoned reformer Bill Peduto.

"I believe [Ravenstahl] will put a little more life into the city," says Everett Mills, 80, of the North Side...

"I don't think [Ravenstahl] really has the experience. I just have more faith in Peduto," says David Welch, 52, of the North Side...

Pittsburghers differ as to who ought to be elected mayor; the outcome is uncertain.

"It's Ravenstahl's to lose," said Al Neri, editor of The Insider, a statewide political newsletter, and veteran observer of Pittsburgh politics.

Everybody knows this race is over already. But if we had a choice between the two, and we had to choose based on issues and ideas, how might we go about making up our minds?

Peduto, who has challenged Ravenstahl to a series of debates, said the incumbent is dragging his feet on accepting face-to-face appearances.

That's not so, the mayor said. Ravenstahl said his campaign manager is working out details for five televised debates.

"I want to talk about the issues," he said. "I would argue that I am the one talking about the issues. My opponent is the one that's trying to muddy the waters."

Acting Mayor Ravenstahl is four weeks overdue in accepting some debates, according to the countdown at the People's Republic. That's a month, if you work in payroll.

An outspoken financial watchdog during his five years on City Council, Peduto touts his early support for financial oversight from the state, while criticizing Ravenstahl for voting against that process when he was on council.

"I have experience and a proven record of leadership -- not following, not going along to get along and watching as my city crumbles," Peduto said.

Ravenstahl said he opposed state oversight "because I didn't feel the plan as it was presented --
and this can actually be proved today -- will do or would have done what it promised to do."

A fascinating difference of opinion. If only there were some experts on finance and municipal government in this part of the country, or maybe some journalists to seek them out, interview them, and report on their insights. But then the article might not come out balanced like a Swiss timepiece, and You-Know-Who would come huffing and puffing ...

Coming next month from the Trib's David M. Brown:

"I thought Luke clearly won that debate!" said Jebediah Northside, 98, of North Side.

"Council-master Peduto was the class of the act, no probalo!" said Senor Cardgage, 23, North Side.

"Ravenstahl proved he could continue speaking words, even after Peduto said some other stuff" says Al Neri of the Insider. "Clearly, the young man proved he's ready for the challenge of delivering an inaugural address."


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  4. Not to be a broken record ... ok to be yada yada - I see Ravenstahl gesturing with both hands and speaking in broken sentences and hear Peduto sighing loudly into the mike. Maybe we can work the “Wealthiest one percent” of unions into there (Peduto wagging his index finger in the air).
    Can't hardly wait.

  5. Peduto will BLOW LUKE AWAY in a debate.

    Of course we would have to have one to find out..