Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Non-Debate Scheduled

Today we stopped by to visit our dear grandma at the Forward Shady senior center in Squirrel Hill. So of course there was Luke Ravenstahl, fielding questions from an audience. It was part of a nationwide program today called Mayors on Wheels. You can not make this stuff up.

Q: What can we do to get the casino opened faster?

A: We'll be working closely with the Governor on things like that (paraphrasing heavily).

Q: Are we going to rename the Schenley Park golf course after Bob O'Connor?

A: We're talking that over with his family.

There was applause, and as we asked around, everyone was quite impressed with the Mayor's performance, though they miss Bob O'Connor and his frequent visits.

That's when somebody informed the Comet that Luke Ravenstahl will be returning to Forward Shady on April 30, together with Bill Peduto, for a debate.

Yet upon further clarification from manager Debbie Crisaflo, it turns out this will not be a debate. It will, however, be a meeting of two opposing candidates fielding questions from the audience.

The Comet was asked to stress that due to space restrictions, and to keep it from spiraling out of control and inconveniencing residents (including our grandma), the public at large can not be invited to attend. Only Forward Shady residents and their immediate family members can be accomodated. The Comet looks forward to the exclusive.

Since it was impressed upon us that this is not a debate, we suppose it is still correct to assert that the two candidates remain unable to schedule a debate.

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