Friday, March 30, 2007

Showdown in District 9

We were going to hustle to get one more Interview up, before the big vote tomorrow, in the event that anyone is interested. But we didn't. It'll be up soon.

UPDATE: Burgess 39, Kirkland 32, Carlisle 21, Taylor 3

Aside from that, have a great weekend.


  1. Looks like the Cooper folks got behind Burgess.

  2. matt, any idea what the HACP is going to do with its former Police HQ on Washington Blvd. now that the HACP Police will be merged into the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police?

  3. Leah and Twanda 2nd and 3rd again.

    Hey Girls, that should tell you something.......

  4. I'm not sure yet. A few weeks back they borrowed my bolt cutters for some reason.

    I'll try my best to find out and post.

    It is still open though, I am pretty sure there are people down there answering phones & stuff like that. The Chief of HACP police is now in charge of the 24 hour security posts that are mainly in the senior hi-rises & the Northview Heights gates.