Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Top of the World!!

PittGirl reports on giant UPMC signage that would adorn the U.S. Steel Tower. (LINK)

Dan Fitzpatrick of the P-G on same. (LINK) From the article:

UPMC needs permission from the city to place its sign on all three sides of the U.S. Steel Tower. The request is expected to go before the Planning Commission for approval.

Aw, yeeeeaaaah!

In other news, the Comet is coming at you live for the first time from a MacBook Something Something -- and from a popular neighborhood coffeehouse (that provides its own WiFi free of charge).

As to your regular Comet coverage, we plead technical difficulties, learning curve, and what have you. For example, we just noticed the linkage button is NOT appearing. Nor the colors button. Nor size nor boldface nor italics. Ugh.

Thank goodness 2 Political Junkies is on top of things.

P.S. Woy -- how does tomorrrow work for you? :)


  1. Use Firefox, or learn HTML. Both work.

  2. Congratulations on the macbook! You will never, ever return to a PC. You have now been initiated into being an Apple User for the rest of you life.