Friday, April 6, 2007

We're Just Saying

We can feel the news cycle inexorably moving forward, but our minds are stuck on these selections from a Jeremy Boren article dated April 4:

Ravenstahl also will stop officers from arranging off-duty side jobs for their colleagues and taking their own cut, Skrinjar said.

"The whole idea is to bring this under the control of the police department, without any freelancing by individual officers," said Skrinjar, who added that all off-duty assignments will be tracked by computer.


"This would make if fair so that everyone can bid on the same jobs," said Jim Malloy, president of police union Fort Pitt Lodge No. 1.

The way we see it, either the Tribune-Review needs to issue a correction, or else the Mayor's office needs to explain what happened to change "the whole idea" so quickly.


Thank you for joining us. We expect to have a very special interview posted by the time you wake up on Tuesday morning. Have a nice weekend. Look alive out there.

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