Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Big Giant Tuesday

Today is an especially high-fructose news day. Any one of these news items could merit a full post of its own.

The P-G's Rich Lord takes a look at the ICA board taking a look at our Fire and EMS departments, with one eye on a possible merger. The International Association of Fire Fighters sounds very open. The Fraternal Association of Professional Paramedics sounds a bit closed.

The Trib's Tony LaRussa stresses that murder and rape has gone down in Pittsburgh. The P-G's Jim McKinnon stresses that the numbers went up for all violent crime, that the numbers for murders and rapes are still pretty bad, and that the numbers may not tell the full story. Jasiri X is liberally quoted.

Between 230-300 people met at the Civic Arena to give input on the next Penguins facility. The grand panel discussion was part of the public comment process prior to City Planning Commission action. There will be more, and in smaller working-groups also. The P-G's Mark Belko found some optimism in the room, whereas the Trib's Kevin Crowe played up the acrimony and suspicion.

Wedge issue alert! ACORN calls for a six-month moratorium on sheriff's sales, until something is done to get home foreclosures under control, reports the P-G's Jim McKinnon.

There are at least three others out there in the papers alone.

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