Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Face of the Future

We have just two observations about our mayor's address at the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service "Faces of the Future" lecture series. (P-G, Lord)

"Being here at the Clinton School makes me reflect on some of the parallels between what has happened in my life and that of our former president, William Jefferson Clinton."

Really? We wonder what he had in mind. If he offered the crowd any examples, we hope either Lord or some other lecture attendee will share them with us.

"Somewhere back in Pittsburgh, a columnist is writing his or her perspective on how I could be doing better..."

Yeah, not likely.

The quality of Pittsburgh reporting is very high, and the editorial boards are always ready to offer frank advice.

Yet the columnists in this city -- the ones in the best position to offer constructive criticism and make it entertaining -- typically limit their scrutiny to the state level and higher. That is, when they are not mulling over their garden, or their tastes in music, or the kids these days.

Qualify that. Brian O'Neill has a new column (and poem) mocking city council's recent fixation on cats.

The thing is -- what should council be obsessing over right now, Brian? And what should they be thinking about it? Are you not complicit in the ascendancy of kitty-cat politics?


  1. Great post. Perhaps the PG intended to evoke the visceral reaction most people had to this ridiculous article?

  2. When I moved back to Pittsburgh several years ago, I bought a subscription to the PG solely to keep up on local news, preferring to get national/world news online. All I got were articles on page B1 about how St. Athalicious on the North Side had a Blessing of the Pets yesterday and several one-paragraph police-blotter blurbs on page B3 about petty crimes.

    I think Rich Lord does a good job with local reporting (interestingly, he came to the PG from the City Paper instead of journalism school ... hmmm ...... ), but otherwise it's damned useless.