Friday, July 6, 2007

Headline Writers Should Take Mulligan

Tribune-Review: Pittsburgh mayor's free golf may not be on par with city code

Post-Gazette: Mayor's foes call golf outing an ethics bogey

Ooooh, isn't it just precious! What an adorable little news story!


Handsome city beat reporter Jeremy Boren may be blacklisted from the 5th Floor, but he is finding new ways to earn his bread. From his take in the Trib:

"That definitely is a sticky situation," said Sister Patrice Hughes, chair of the city's Ethics Hearing Board, who learned of UPMC's gift through news reports.

Ah, Sister Hughes. She may be maddeningly circumspect, she may be ludicrously overcautious, she may have invented this role of "education" wholly at the expense of sorely needed investigation and adjudication. Yet in the end, she is not corrupt, and is no friend of corruption.

How could she possibly quell the desire whip out her ruler, already?


The new City Paper profiles Mark DeSantis, for whom they do everything but photoshop a cape and some huge pectoral muscles onto their cover image. (NTTAWWT.) Charlie Deitch embeds some advice:

But his best selling point may be the vibe he gives off: a Pittsburgher who has just had enough of watching the city he loves crumble.

Also, John McIntire turns his enormous wit against UPMC:

Two weeks later, the commission reversed its vote and approved the sign 6-1. You don’t think UPMC used its massive influence as the area’s largest employer to scare some of those bureaucrats into changing their votes, do you?

We suppose that's something.

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