Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Differences, Disparities, DeSantis

P-G columnist Tony Norman on why this study constitutes real news:

According to "Pittsburgh's Racial Demographics: Differences and Disparities," black folks in Greater Pittsburgh live lives so far below the national average as to qualify for honorary membership in the Third World.

Trib columnist Mike Seate reflects frankly on some of the difficulties:

"A lot of people around here have never spoken with a white person who wasn't a cop or a caseworker," I said. "And many have no idea where to go to apply for a construction job, or how to get there."

Mike Madison of Pittsblog gets unusually horse-racey:

Republican mayoral candidate Mark DeSantis needs to find a way to get traction in pre-election news coverage. He needs to find issues beyond competence and cronyism in city government; otherwise, he not only won't get even 30% of the vote, but worse, he won't get anyone to listen to him. How about urban poverty? That's not usually a leading issue for Republicans, but with the incumbent already acting like he's won the race, Pittsburgh isn't facing a real election.

To which commenter Mark Rauterkus responds:

Urban poverty, and how the poor are treated in relationship with public policy should be the window that is used to look at everything in the mayor's race. That is what one of my advisor's has pitched to me. It is a very valid approach.

However, you won't find that kind of talk from Mark DeSantis. No way.


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