Monday, July 16, 2007

Cost-Recovery Update

The P-G's Rich Lord reports that the new police secondary employment cost-recovery program is ... going ... well.

Over three months, the program has collected around $175,000, which will compensate the city for equipment, administration, and the odd liability incurred as police officers perform private security gigs at bars, other businesses, and sporting events.

Cost-recovery is something of a sacred cow for the blurghosphere community, since it was there that the political will to finally institute the program took hold.

The program represents only half of the recommended reforms in police secondary employment -- "entrepreneurial officers" continue to do most of the scheduling themselves, which may be resulting in weaker oversight.

Nonetheless, Fraternal Order of Police president James Malloy continues to sound not entirely at-peace with the existent program -- nor do the folks at Station Square, nor the Pirates.

Indeed, without saying so, the article seems to illustrate something of a cloud hanging over the program. Perhaps the reporter overheard whispers that it is not long for this world. If that is the case, likely dates to watch for the "pilot program" to end would be just prior to the start of football season -- or just after the election.

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