Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Old-School Tuesday News Wrap

Luke Ravenstahl is "happy to participate in the Ethics Board's request," will address concerns about UPMC financed outing in person. (P-G, Rich Lord)

(also, WTAE's Gus Rosendale, who happened upon the Mayor as he was shaking hands with people sweeping up city streets.)

Editorial Aside: The Mayor is to be complemented for taking these concerns so seriously. Now, if we can just get him back talking to Marty Griffin, or some other talk-radio host ...


PA House and Senate pass different smoking bans -- resolving them for to put a bill on the Governor's desk will be difficult. (P-G, Tom Barnes)

The House would have permitted smoking only in private homes, in private rooms at nursing homes, at large-scale cigar expositions, in tobacco stores and at private clubs in existence for at least 10 years. It would have banned smoking at restaurants, bars and casinos entirely, which some casino officials objected to.

The Senate would have permitted smoking on 25 percent of casino floors, in smaller bars where food sales didn't exceed 20 percent of total revenue, in cigar bars and other places.

Editorial Aside: Here we go, How-owse, Here we go! -clap- -clap- Here we go, How-owse, Here we go! -clap- -clap-


Mayor Ravenstahl has yet to hire an Assistant Director / EEO Officer to work in the Personnel Department. (Courier, Christian Morrow)

However, Acting Communications Director Joanna Doven says the search will be complete in about two weeks, and the 10 directorship positions currently "in limbo" will not be filled until an EEO Officer is in place.

Editorial Aside: Perhaps the Courier would care to investigate the state of the ongoing campaign to secure community benefits related to new arena construction? Because no one else seems to care, any longer.

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