Sunday, August 12, 2007

Joe Biden: For the Hour

1. He says that if we don't have a growing middle class, America is in trouble -- and that saying this puts him at odds with his fellow candidates. What? Really?

2. He's going to unveil a health care plan in September -- but since Charlie's program is so totally underground, we get the broad strokes. "You've got to build a dike around your plan."

3. It's clear he doesn't think Obama is remotely prepared to be president.

4. 37:00 = Good G.W.B. impression!

5. He would apply a lot of what was done in Bosnia to Iraq, and claims he already has the Security Council on board.

If you don't think this guy is the superior choice, you are not paying attention.


  1. surely you gest....His partition plan was lifted entirely from an article Lesley Gelb wrote in the NYT in 2003...plagarism is second nature to JB..he makes Luke look like an original thinker

  2. Thanks for the article, smitty ... you really had me going.

    The Gelb article from 2003 outlines what became known as the Biden-Gelb proposal, and now all of a sudden Everybody's Favorite position.

    Google Leslie Gelb, The Three-State Solution