Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Reform Pittsburgh Now

Bill Peduto will officially launch his political action committee, Reform Pittsburgh Now, this Saturday.

In keeping with the internetty nature of his endeavor, the kick-off press conference will be held at PodCamp Pittsburgh, and will be broadcast live to the net at 1:45 from Conference Room B.

"Principle performers" for the launch will be John Carman from Avenue Design Studios, and Justine Ezarik aka iJustine (pictured) from

Coincidentally, Justine and her shocking 300-page iPhone bill were reported upon last evening by Ch. 11's Andy Gastmeyer -- unless it was all an elaborate publicity stunt for Bill's PAC.


  1. Ugh. ijustine makes me want to PUKE! If ijustine puked she'd probably broadcast it live on her site and then do podcasts about the experience. I can't believe Peduto is falling for this crap. Away with you Ijustine.