Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Logic of Luke

Luke is opposed to gay marriage, and opposed to gay civil unions. Presumably, this means he is also opposed to gay sex. Meanwhile, Mark is at least in favor of gay civil unions.

Luke is pro-life. Mark is pro-choice.

Yet for some reason, Luke insists that he is the one representing Democratic party values ... all the while clubbing Mark over the head with theocratic homophobe Rick Santorum.

Does. Not. Compute.

(It's not halfway done, but DeSantis is totally wailing on Ravenstahl in this particular debate. No fooling.)


  1. Funny - then Luke said something about "touching and feeling every city employee." I guess he means only the female variety.

  2. Absolutely, he went on at some length about a hands on approach. It was creepy.

  3. I typed furiously when he said, "[I've had the opportunity] to touch and feel every city employee so they got the chance to understand me as mayor.”

    Went to the debate. I think DeSantis failed to articulate a convincing case to the black community. He needed to identify with their outrage and he didn't do that adequately. Naturally, I'll take this chance to plug my longer opinion piece on the matter published at the Darn News.

  4. I checked out the debate in person and found DeSantis to really capture this last one. I agree, he could have really brought the frustration of the black community to light better. But I really got the feeling Luke looked nervous at times and certainly didn't have a lot of substance in his answers. Desantis seemed to get better in each debate while the mayor's best was at the start of the debate series. DeSantis has the momentum. Will that be enough ??

  5. Anon 11:41,

    Luke fidgets an awful lot, doesn't he?

    I think DeSantis had a better stage presence than usual. He maintained continued eye contact with the camera rather than the questioners.

    However, Luke left himself open to criticisms on a few occasions. Only once do I recall DeSantis taking advantage of that opening, when he cited the Pgh Courier endorsement.

    DeSantis didn't use his "credit card monthly minimum" line to describe Luke's balanced budgets. I always liked that one.

  6. Luke hates gays? No vote for you, bitch.

  7. Only watched the highlights because I was at work but DEAR LORD, get LUKE outta office. I almost lost it when he said he was oppossed to Gay Marriages and Civil Unions. Just shows you some of what he is really made of...

  8. If Luke hates gays what is Bruce Kraus going to do? He is a Democratic Committee member and threw a fit over my last letter to the editor. Is he going to sell his own sexuality down the river to have a friend in the Mayor's Office?

  9. For anyone who missed the "touch and feel" comment by Luke, here is the direct link to that question from last night's debate:


    Also, some of us at the rally today were interviewed by KDKA Radio's Maria Leaf. Listen in at 5PM to hear it - 1020 AM, or online:

  10. Jason P.

    Don't you and Bruce K. have a history ?

    Your credibility becomes an issue on this topic.

    I have said it once and I will say it again. If someone's religion has certain standards, and one lives by them, but does not try to push those standards on others? Is this wrong?

    If Luke is a Roman Catholic and is pro-life and does not believe in gay marriage ect. Does that make him a right wing nut?

    NO. It makes him someone who believes in his faith, and faith he was raised with, who does not try and judge people based on their individual faiths. (if you evidence to show otherwise please do)

    Luke does not judge anyone based on their religion or sexual orientation, and for the record neither does Bruce Krause. So why do you?

    Now who is the right wing nut ?

  11. Record Hunter said:

    "Luke hates gays? No vote for you, bitch."

    This may be our favorite comment on the blog so far. We feel like we actually informed a voter on this issue.

    Bill Green and Mike Pintek agreed OnQ that Pgh's gays and lesbians don't comprise remotely enough of the vote in our city to impact the the election. Because this is a conservative city. So screw them.

    I would certainly like to play a role in alerting the gay communities to this unfortunate state of conventional wisdom.

  12. "Your credibility becomes an issue on this topic."

    My credibility to ask a thought provoking question?

    Plus, I don't recall ever judging anyone based on their sexual orientation or religious beliefs.

    Just for the record, I support full on Gay Marriage.

  13. "Luke does not judge anyone based on their religion or sexual orientation"

    Obviously, if he doesn't support gay marriage, Luke *does* judge gay people as not being worthy of marriage. How disingenuous of you to say otherwise, and to set up the false construct of "not judging based on religion or sexual orientation," which are two completely different things, one a choice, the other a human inherency.