Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday: A Little Somethin' Somethin'

These guys said some stuff. It's actually pretty good. We can't figure out anything to add to it.

Tony Norman (P-G): But no story about Louisiana's politics would be complete without Huey Long's cautionary quip about reformers: "One of these days, the people of Louisiana are going to get good government -- and they aren't going to like it."

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm ready to "dislike" a Pittsburgh mayor for doing the right thing for once.

Ruth Ann Daily
(P-G): In fact, what Democratic stalwarts are saying to me, whether whispered in chance encounters or openly discussed over dinner, is that the mayor's mistakes have been so damaging and his accomplishments so slim that he'll be out in two years.

They're already discussing who his successor will be. The jockeying for position has begun.

That is terrible news for this city. If much of the Democratic machine already views Mr. Ravenstahl as a placeholder, then they're not going to work with him much.

Also, we caught most of the Roddy vs. Mistick edition of WQED's OnQ. There was little "versus" about it. Both gentlemen were openly salivating over recent DeSantis momentum, and the possibility of an upset.

When asked whether DeSantis has a chance of winning, Mistick opined that yes he does, but "it would take the perfect political storm." Where have we heard that before?


  1. It will take the perfect storm...30 degrees, sleet, hail, and a city-wide hangover.

    Historically, Republicans have higher turnout ratios than Democrats. And here's an election where the challenger, who has very passionate supporters, can win.

    Let's say the Steelers are drubbed by the Ravens. The city wakes up Tuesday drunk, angry, and cold. Will the average yunzer traipse to the polling place to vote for Luke?

    Tuesday's forecast: H: 46 deg, L: 32 50% chance of rain.

  2. Steelers will wrap up a win against Baltimore @ 11:34.. with a huge local tv audience finally getting to bed ater midnight.. The showers and dreary day on Tuesday will make things slow. And just the talk of a little wet snow flakes mixing in with the rain on Tuesday night will make the forecast seem even more dreary. Oh, what a great time to just stay inside with an Iron and a blanket..

  3. I'm already feeling a chill. I'm going to burrow myself into a pile of asbestos blankets and call it a year.

  4. So, what does Ana Marie Cox has to do with this post? Not that I mind (actually, more, please), I'm just curious is all.

  5. This was sort of a post about pundits. And being in a good mood this morning, we decided to give you all a hit of our favorite pundit, the Wonkette Emeritus.

  6. Oh, another element to add to the perfect storm - the end of Daylight Savings Time.

    This is the year it was moved back, occuring November 4. So, folks won't yet be used to the early nightfall and will still be all off on the sleeping schedules. Might just chose to go straight home after work, to get out of the cold dark & into a warm bed.

    You know, unless they are truly inspired to really get out there and make their vote known.

  7. Another joint that Roddy & Mistick covered: touch-screen voting. It's not quite as easy and familiar to pull the Democratic lever as it once was.

    Boy, are we grasping at straws, or what?

  8. Actually Bram, I wouldn't have mentioned DST ending if I hadn't personally considered the what it will mean to me

    (yes, walking home from the polls after dark kind of bothers me. Not a good time, but this year, worth it.)

  9. Isn't it amazing that a little bit of weather would keep someone from voting? Especially when in the city most polling places are within walking distance.

  10. Matt,

    It is amazing. Even if it were two miles away I couldn't understand someone would not vote when we have the current state of affairs.