Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This Post Contains No Information

What we have here is the Fog of War.

Nobody knows what is going on.

If someone is telling you what is going on, that someone is spinning you, or else repeating spin already spun to them.

Reliable sources have clammed up. Unreliable sources are contradicting one another.

The Burgher is well-nigh conceding that today is all about the viability of challengers in 2009. The Comet is constitutionally incapable of being that cynical.

We do not yet know if the snow showers predicted for this evening will strike before 5 o'clock.

The Post-Gazette will be doing its thing at Early Returns this evening. The Trib is promising a page full of vignettes, which thus far are quite milquetoast.

The Comet will be blogging this evening from the Mark DeSantis Command Center and Party Headquarters, in the non-neighborhood known as Downtown.

We have a short history of being a good luck charm on Election Night.


  1. WEATHER ALERT... 2:18 EST National Weather Service, Pittsburgh, PA :::
    Heavy Snow Squalls moving off Lake Erie and heading south will cause 'white out' conditions over the City OF Pittsburgh between 5:00 and 8:00 this eve. In addition, high winds gusting to over 40 mph will cause wind chills to dip. Special caution should be taken by hard line democrats with strict party line mentality. It is advised that such people stay in their cave and holes until this 'white out' moves south out of Pittsburgh City limits.

  2. Is anyone else as tired as I am of hearing over and over again how young people don't vote and don't care? For the next election, I think the Pittsburgh blogging community needs to step up and take a publicly prominent role in getting out the vote.

    The Blurgh

  3. Nice graphic. My CD-ROM/DVD player on my laptop's busted and your little pic triggered a serious Civ IV jones. Thanks a lot.